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We did it!!!

What can I say other than we did it, not only raising £1800 for three local cancer charities but also awareness about The UK Sepsis Trust and Pathway project . We also raised money for CRUK  with the money raised in the interval  I purchased 53 pounds worth of fleeces for star fish project to hand over to the homeless  from the CRUK shop in Tamworth. I had a survivor tree at the performance where people donated money to talk about surviving cancer and placing a tag on the tree to celebrate life, this is now in the church in Tamworth and more tags can be added for this cause.

I have been a bit quiet for me I do know that but I have been busy reflecting on the events of last week The first ever performance of “SPLIT SECOND” my dream and vision became a reality. I can honestly say a successful reality,I’m so proud and very humbled at the community spirit that actually was the ethos to this play.

Split Second raised a full house of money for the local chosen cancer charities, thanks to you the Audience who bought tickets to come to support us and see our play/show.

I had some very powerful messages I wanted to portray with the help of the Arts and actors interpretation rather than just my usual written word.

Firstly the skills of the actors, Becky Easen Terry O’Neill Greg Hughes The children Summer, Nathan, Carly Nicklin Joshua Hankey Our very bad guy Rob Adcock. Oly Mason Guy Chambers Conrad Slater Maureen Hankey jenny fallon James Duncan Fredrick Vanstone Rachel Dixon Yoland Farrell Ali Gilbert Helen Oreilly Marie Whyte and me

The joy that music brings us as we watched the fun and happiness shine through the salsa moves performed by Alison Harper Havana-Dance and Stafford Salsa The emotional interpretation as Summer danced and congratulations to Summer for her most enchanting choreography. Finally the touching scene when Jenny Fallon touched all our hearts and souls singing “Stand by You ” by Rachel Platten, accompanied by Hannah woodroofe pianist and The Tamworth ladies choir

With the excellence of the Directors Yoland Farrell Rachel Dixon and the enthusiasm of my stage crew. James Lawson James Hankey Matt Clifton Mary Lynn William morris and Alistair

The messages come through loud and clear to our Audience

The way life can change in a Split Second , whether that be a change for the worst or the better.

The way cancer changes you and affects those close to you.

Recognising the signs of Sepsis has become high profile, but because of the Speed Sepsis can also change lives and if not detected quick enough can be fatal, The Sepsis Trust is keen on educating the public as well as health professionals.

The story of Split second many knew was inspired by the events in my life leading to the cancer diagnosis.

I say inspired as I must clarify that the Domestic violence was inspired mainly by the unfortunate experience I have gained in my working career.

I have learned that writing things you know about, is imperative, especially when covering the subject of Domestic violence. This is important in relation to supporting people with the correct advice and information in the follow up from giving out powerful messages and the conscious knowledge of protection of women and their safety is paramount. I do understand men are exposed to this too

Even split second far outreached my expectations.

It has also given me the inspiration for my next play. I hope to take everything I have learnt from the split second journey and at least make things a bit easier for my cast and crew.

I hope everyone has a wonderful happy xmas.



Proceeds from the sales of the DVDs of the show will be donated to The Pathway Project and The UK Sepsis Trust. Also personal gifts to  those  I know  are enduring cancer treatment this xmas.


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